MIPS membership provides a tailored solution for dental practitioners that provides indemnity, protection and support. Membership benefits include:

  • Indemnity insurance policy including cover for civil liability and defence costs for matters arising from healthcare provided by you
  • MIPS Protections added discretionary cover for professional matters not covered by insurance such as issues concerning mandatory reporting, AHPRA or other regulators and statutory authorities or professional associations
  • 24/7 clinico-legal advice and support from experienced clinicians, lawyers and professional advisers
  • Accredited education and resources to help prevent or mitigate loss, as well as assist you with meeting ongoing CPD requirements (over 100 on-demand webinars and units)
  • Other member benefits including advocacy and lobbying to support interests of the member base and access to additional product and services eg health insurance.

To speak with a Member Services officer about your practice and obtain a quote over the phone, call 1800 061 113.

The information in this article is a summary and of a general nature and it does not constitute legal, health or professional advice. You should seek your own professional advice before relying on it. It does not take into account your healthcare practice or needs. You should consider the appropriateness of the information and read the Member Handbook before making a decision on whether to join MIPS.
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