With unique and flexible mortgage packages, Laurentide Mortgage Solutions (LMS) has helped clients invest in property for more than 25 years. Taking a personal approach to mortgages, we understand your needs and goals to create a package just for you.

Whether that’s for an investment or commercial property or your own home, you can rely on our brokers to give you the best advice every time. Accreditation from more than 30 lenders provides plenty of scope for comparison in order to get you the best deal. Our competitive mortgage packages are available to Australian and international property buyers. We have three kinds of mortgages:


We can help individuals, companies and trusts (including SMSFs) obtain investment property loans, release equity from a current property, or create a competitive mortgage package to help secure your next investment property.


Want to acquire or refinance any kind of commercial property, including factories, office suites and specialised securities such as hotels or child care centres? Our specialists can define a package that works for you, with the option to secure further funding for franchise aquisition or unsecured business lending.


We’ll make sure your new home loan suits your needs, and we can also negotiate competitive terms for refinancing your current one. As experts in property finance, we can also show you how to make the most out of your mortgage for consolidation of personal debts and smarter saving.

Why choose Laurentide?

LMS Mortgage Brokers strive to make the whole process faster, easier and a decisive step towards securing your financial future.

What’s more, Laurentide’s recognised accreditation from more than 30 lenders means you are sure to get the best advice and the perfect mortgage solution, accompanied by professional and friendly service from start to finish. That’s why Laurentide’s clients come back to LMS again and again to help build and strengthen their property portfolios.

Call Anthony Martin today on 0425 450 250 or (02) 9954 5044 for a no obligation finance quote or pre-approval. Anthony can also be reached via email anthony.martin@laurentide.com.au. Learn more at www.laurentide.com.au.

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