Many dentists and hygienists coming to the end of 2018 will be disappointed about the time and money they invested in their CPD training.


The team at Smilefast knows the answer. As Australia’s number one provider of short term cosmetic orthodontics training, and creator of the Smilefast orthodontic treatment system, our experience tells us most dentists feel let down with other systems because:

  • They didn’t learn enough of value to take back to their dental practice
  • The new skills didn’t generate more revenue and profits for their dental business
  • There wasn’t enough ongoing support to make it worthwhile.

Did you waste money on CPD training in 2018? Don’t make the same mistake next year. Let 2019 be the year you put an end to disappointment and add real value to your practice and professional skills.

Book now for a Smilefast Pro course and kick your 2019 practice goals.

What is Smilefast Pro?

Smilefast Pro is the leading and most comprehensive short term cosmetic orthodontics training for dentists and hygienists in Australia and New Zealand.

Designed and delivered by specialist orthodontist, Dr Geoff Hall, Smilefast Pro uses the Smilefast straightening system to equip dentists with the skills and resources needed to give patients what they want – an affordable cosmetic orthodontic solution.


What’s different about Smilefast Pro?

Other short term orthodontic courses over promise and under deliver. Not Smilefast Pro. As the perfect stepping stone to The OrthoED Institute’s two year Mini Masters orthodontic program, the two day Smilefast Pro course delivers exactly what it promises: the most comprehensive short term orthodontic training for dentists.

Will 2019 be the year you grow your orthodontic skills and your practice?

Smilefast Pro is orthodontic training designed and developed by a specialist orthodontist. Bringing together advanced technology and comprehensive support, the Smilefast Pro short term orthodontic treatment course is an investment in you and your practice you’ll appreciate in 2019 and beyond.

From the Smilefast Pro Team
P.S. For more information contact Dr Geoff Hall + Robyn Wood by:
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P.P.S. Refer another dentist to the Smilefast Pro course and receive an indirect bonding case with a 30% discount (valued at $390) as a thank you from the Smilefast team.

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