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Dentistry is a profession that demands absolute precision. That means you’re often performing procedures for long periods to keep your patients smiling. This impacts on your spine, joints, muscles and overall health, so it’s no surprise that dentists regularly report experiencing pain in their lower back, neck, shoulders and hands. An Australian university study places this figure at up to 93% of dental professionals.**

By choosing a Bambach, you’ll experience a significant improvement in your level of comfort, which will help keep you productive throughout the day. More importantly, you’ll be improving your health and helping to prevent muscle impairment, or worse still, early retirement.

How the Bambach Saddle Seat helps the dental industry

Using a Bambach Saddle Seat not only maintains optimal spinal function, it can improve your productivity at work by:

  • Promoting shoulder stability and correct posture, improving dexterity and precision, and decreasing fatigue.
  • Supporting your pelvis in a neutral position, even when you are leaning forward. This is due to the unique design which allows you close contact with your patients with minimal bending. Your working life can be prolonged by sustaining a healthy spine.

Over 50,000 Bambachs are used by Dental professionals worldwide.

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*Conditions apply. **Hayes, Metal, 2009, Review of musculoskeletal disorders among dental professionals, University of Newcastle, Ourimbah.

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