An ergonomic and extensive range for EVERY clinical indication, enhanced by a comprehensive prosthetic library and fully integrated digital workflow.

1 GLOBAL concept

Axiom combines the latest advancements in Implantology with the practicality of an easy to use system across our entire range of implants ensuring the greatest possible chance of a successful outcome, no matter the challenge!

2 COMMON ranges

Intrinsically similar, specifically different. Axiom’s PX and REG implants give you the flexibility to provide the best possible treatment, without the additional investment.

By sharing a common internal connection, common surgical kit and common prosthetic range, Axiom gives YOU the power to provide the best possible outcomes for your patients.


Designed for most clinical indications and for most practitioners from beginner to expert.

For use in cases of immediate post-extraction implant placement and low-density bone, offering optimal primary stability.

AXIOM® 2.8
A narrow implant, specifically designed for cases presenting a restricted mesiodistal space within the incisor region.

Established from experience

From humble beginnings in the Arve Valley France over 70 years ago, Anthogyr have established themselves as a prime mover in Implantology, distributing products in over 100 countries worldwide.

The Anthogyr name has become synonymous with precision manufacturing and high quality dental products. We are committed to ensuring the best possible patient outcomes are achieved by providing local, on the ground support Australia-wide.

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