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Crushed by criticism?

Giving and receiving negative feedback is fraught with apprehension for all involved. For the deliverer it requires a thoughtful approach. But even when a lot of care is taken, the receiver can still react with anger.

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Managing expectations on your path to success

When I bought my practice in 2003 I quickly learned that things were no longer straightforward. Whether I was organising finance for an equipment purchase, arranging a staff dinner or achieving a ‘well-planned for’ goal, the path always threw up ‘interesting’ barriers.

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Do you need to control your impulses?

Self-control is a vital skill to master when you are managing a group of people. I know from my early practice-ownership days that certain situations would challenge me. Such as staff calling in sick, not checking lab work had arrived for an imminent insert appointment and staff not following a process that had already been explained.

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The five pillars of trust

It cannot be overstated how important it is for any manager to foster trust. You will not achieve appropriate levels of engagement and employee commitment without it. Trust is so essential to your success that if you feel ineffective in this area, my advice to you is to stop everything else and get good at it!

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Dealing with angry patients

Because upset patients rarely give you advance notice that they are about to become confrontational, you need to plan now, and have it in your back pocket ready to use when necessary.

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Keep attracting referrals

Dental practices are only viable with repeat business. It is your loyal patient base who return for all of their required dental treatments that are likely to be responsible for around 80% of your turnover.

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