Julie Parker Practice Success (JPPS) clients have increased their treatment plan acceptance rates from 65% to 75% — increasing turnover by at least $80K per annum. What would it mean for your practice if your treatment plan acceptance rates increased by just 10%?

Spend an evening with world-class speaker and JPPS co-founder Charles Kovess, together with Julie Parker, as he reveals to you the psychological and compelling reasons why your patients will WANT to embrace your treatment plans and improve their smiles and health.

Stop falling into the trap of having money be the deciding factor for your patients. Outstanding communication skills with patients is vital to every dental practitioner’s success.

There is a powerful ‘return on investment’ (ROI) that patients experience in their lives when they achieve a healthy, stable and attractive mouth. Your ability to understand this ROI, and then communicate the many facets of this ROI to your patients, is a key factor in being rewarded for the quality solutions you are offering to your patients.

Feeling ‘healthier’ is only one of many reasons to proceed with acceptance of your treatment plan…but it’s not nearly the only reason, nor the biggest reason.

Unlock a range of creative strategies that will increase the trust your patients have in you, thereby enabling them to say ‘YES’ more confidently.

Learn specific ways to improve conversations with your patients so they say ‘YES’ more often to your wonderful treatment plans.

The Charles Kovess system of preparing people for the business of dentistry is unique, it clearly shows that depth, passion and ingenuity are part of the unique partnership he has with Julie Parker Practice Success. After 44 years in dentistry, and 20 in my own consultancy, I can say this system is the most powerful way of driving business I have seen. I can recommend him, and them, to anyone wanting to succeed in the “business of dentistry” and in the “busyness of your business”.

Dr Harry Marget

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Tuesday 17th January 2017 @ 6pm – 8.30pm

Mulgrave Country Club, Corner Jells Wellington Roads, Mulgrave VIC 3170

Cost is $175 (inc. GST) per attendee

Every attendee receives the bonuses shown below worth $195!

• Insights and strategies to master your communication with patients from Charles Kovess

• Charles’s national best-selling book ‘Passionate People Produce’ — RRP $30

• One hour consultation by dental practice management expert Julie Parker — RRP $165

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