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Crushed by criticism?

Giving and receiving negative feedback is fraught with apprehension for all involved. For the deliverer it requires a thoughtful approach. But even when a lot of care is taken, the receiver can still react with anger.

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Managing expectations on your path to success

When I bought my practice in 2003 I quickly learned that things were no longer straightforward. Whether I was organising finance for an equipment purchase, arranging a staff dinner or achieving a ‘well-planned for’ goal, the path always threw up ‘interesting’ barriers.

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Do you need to control your impulses?

Self-control is a vital skill to master when you are managing a group of people. I know from my early practice-ownership days that certain situations would challenge me. Such as staff calling in sick, not checking lab work had arrived for an imminent insert appointment and staff not following a process that had already been explained.

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