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The Programat CS6 in clinical practice

Furthermore, the Programat CS6 is the only machine that allows us to sinter zirconia restorations and crystallize and finalize lithium disilicate restorations with the assistance of vacuum. This greatly enhances the translucency and surface quality of the restorations.
The following list contains the most important features and benefits of the new Programat CS6 furnace:

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Nu-Edge self-ligating brackets

TP Orthodontics has added Nu-Edge® Self-Ligating metal bracket with passive mechanics to their product line up. Nu-Edge SL brackets offer several distinct features over competitor self-ligating brackets.

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Vantage — it’s back and it’s better

The Progeny Vantage® Panoramic System is back in Australasia and, with an added range of enhancements, it’s now better than ever. Better still, for a limited time Progeny Vantage® is available at a great promotional price.

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