TP Orthodontics has added Nu-Edge® Self-Ligating metal bracket with passive mechanics to their product line up.

Nu-Edge SL brackets offer several distinct features over competitor self-ligating brackets. 

Nu-Edge SL brackets feature a robust locking mechanism. Once the patented slide is locked in place, the archwire slot becomes a rigid tunnel preventing the bracket from becoming unseated. Our patented dumbbell mechanism provides audible assurance that the slide is completely closed. Additionally, Nu-Edge SL brackets do not require a special tool for ligating.

The sliding mechanism does not protrude like other self-ligating brackets. This gives a smoother surface that enhances patient comfort.

Nu-Edge SL brackets are made from Cobalt Chromium. They are ideal for nickel sensitive patients while offering superior strength to prevent slot collapse due to any occlusal forces.

The brackets feature nano-polishing technology which prevents bacterial adhesion, reduces friction and enhances surface smoothness for increased patient comfort. It has an extremely small footprint and profile design, making the bracket aesthetically pleasing for patients.

Nu-Edge SL also features deep undercuts and hidden tie wings allowing for traditional ligation when needed. Metal ties can also be used due to the strategically placed auxiliary wire slot.

The patented maze base design is metal injected molded and provides unparalleled bond strength and unmatched adhesive retention during debonding.

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