Porcelain veneers have traditionally been the first choice for dentists, and patients, who wish to change the shape, position and colour of their teeth. Whilst the results that can be achieved are often very good, veneers are destructive, have limited longevity and in the wrong hands can cause lasting issues.

Over the past few years, there has been something of a paradigm shift in cosmetic dentistry to more minimally invasive protocols. The modern, preferred approach to enhance someone’s smile is to move their own teeth into a more favourable position, whiten the teeth and use cosmetic contouring, or bonding, to create a more appealing smile. The so-called ABC approach — Align, Bleach, Composite (or Contouring).

The ABC approach is well within the capability of the general dentist, and with the advent of companies such as Quick Straight Teeth, there are many more dentists offering ABC in preference to veneers. Awareness of orthodontics amongst patients has increased due to consumer advertising and the fact that more dentists are now offering cosmetic orthodontic solutions.

The stigma of ugly, metal, ‘train-track,’ braces is one that many people harbour from their teenage years, so there is something of a hurdle to overcome in providing orthodontics to grown-ups. Their fears generally comprise some, or all, of the following: price, discomfort, aesthetics and time.

It is the duty of the treating clinician to provide an option that overcomes all of these issues, however, this is often easier said than done. In cosmetic orthodontics, it is rare to find a solution that has no compromise – the very best quality, at realistic prices. Quick Straight Teeth is one example of a company that offer the very best, gold-standard components whilst maintaining the most realistic prices in the market, to ensure straight teeth are made available to a wider audience.

With companies such as 3M at the forefront of orthodontics, we are able to overcome any trepidation that grown-ups may have regarding the provision of orthodontics. Discomfort is kept to a minimum by using only small-gauge round wires, ceramic brackets and tooth-coloured wires allow for beautifully aesthetic, almost invisible braces, treatment times are short due to the focus being on anterior alignment, rather than comprehensive orthodontics and all this can be done at a fraction of the price of most aligners.

So, we know what’s stopping people having their teeth straightened, and how to overcome these issues – but what is stopping dentists providing orthodontic solutions to grown-up people? Many dentists are comfortable providing removable, clear aligners for patients but often refer out any cases requiring fixed solutions to their local orthodontist. To general dentists, fixed orthodontics is seen as something of a mystery. A complex world of angles and forces where they would rather not tread.

In the case of children, it does most definitely require a specialist orthodontist to see such cases due to the many factors at play in the growing jaw. However, in the case of grown-ups, who require minimal alignment of the front 6 or 8 teeth, this can be done safely and effectively in general practice with the close support and supervision of our learned specialist colleagues. If they work alongside a good quality orthodontic laboratory using the indirect-bonding method then the whole process becomes enjoyable, predictable and profitable.

Given the litigious nature of our times minimally invasive and conservative dentistry should always be the preferred approach of any clinician, and is almost always in the best interest of the patient.

Why not investigate the world of cosmetic orthodontics today? It’s as easy as ABC.

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