Laurentide Medical Equipment & Vehicle Finance make it our business to support your business. If you need more equipment to grow or keep things running smoothly, call us. Our customised financial solutions are fast and cost-effective, allowing you to plan for the future.

What can we finance?

We’ll help finance just about any item that you use in your business – whether it is new or second hand.

  • Medical equipment
  • Dental clinic commercial fitouts
  • Motor vehicles
  • IT hardware, software and office equipment
  • Boats and Aircraft
  • Energy assets

You find the item and negotiate your price, then we’ll take it from there.

Why choose Laurentide?

Laurentide is one of Australia’s largest and most trusted vehicle and equipment finance brokerages. We’ve been building relationships with major banks and lenders, and customising competitive asset finance solutions for clients in a broad range of industries since 1988.

Key benefits

  • Accredited with most financiers – we know their criteria, saving you time and money
  • No restrictions on age or type of goods – we finance all income-producing assets
  • Flexible credit criteria – low doc loans are available on selected vehicles and equipment
  • Loans approved first time – no need for you to search around

Call Andrew Clark today on 0404 435 345 or (02) 9954 5044 for a no obligation finance quote or pre-approval. Andrew can also be reached via email Learn more at

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