The Jasper Vektor appliance offers the most innovative, comfortable and efficient solution for Class II correction. Other common fixed appliances on the market tend to produce linear forces that result in frequent failure, unwanted tipping and patient discomfort.

The Jasper Vektor contains a unique spring design that produces curved vectors. The appliance flexes 25-45% of its overall length which results in the only appliance to deliver gentle, intrusive forces that do not tip the maxilla or produce unwanted extrusion. It provides just the right amount of force needed for efficient Class II correction. Many cases see results in as fast as 6 weeks.

They are made with a robust, nickel-titanium alloy that provides strength and flexibility. Installation is easy and the kit comes with the tools needed to place the appliance on patients.

The design keeps the appliance away from the “food zone” that allows the Vektor to remain clean and avoid any bacteria build up. Additionally, the design allows for natural lateral mandibular movement that enhances patient comfort. Jasper Vektor is also a compliance-independent appliance that ensures proper treatment is given and helps the doctor manage the overall treatment schedule.

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