The Progeny Vantage® Panoramic System is back in Australasia and, with an added range of enhancements, it’s now better than ever. Better still, for a limited time Progeny Vantage® is available at a great promotional price.

The Progeny Vantage® advantage

Originally introduced to the market in 2010, the Progeny Vantage® Panoramic System marked a significant step forward winning the “Good Design Award” at the Mid-winter show in Chicago in 2011. Offering exceptional flexibility from exam set up to image review, Vantage delivered both on clinical reliability, and patient experience.

In 2014, Progeny Vantage® manufacturer Midmark withdrew the system from the market and embarked on a major review to identify potential enhancements and new features to improve performance and usability.

Introducing Progeny Vantage® 2.1

Fast forward to 2016 and the new and improved Progeny Vantage® 2.1 is finally here with the first release being in Australasia. The new Progeny Vantage® 2.1, which features a range of enhancements including:

  • A new tablet-like display – selections are as simple as a touch or swipe of the finger
  • An extended range of pre-programmed exams – now Pedo, Bitewing, and TMJ
  • An improved collimator system
  • Image preview and point of use of imbedded training videos
  • Improved sound and clarity for exam set up
  • An improved X-ray controller unit – better performance for cephalometric exams of larger patients
  • Progeny Clarity Enhanced Imaging Filter set provides superior diagnostic imaging options for more accurate analysis

The Progeny Vantage® 2.1 is fully upgradable from the base model and is available with Ceph or as a stand-alone. As with the previous system, the Progeny Vantage® 2.1 features a small footprint, which provides for easy no-fuss installation.

The choice you can’t go past™

As a panoramic x-ray system, Progeny Vantage® 2.1 is full of features. Few of Vantage’s competitors offer Ceph as an entry level option. Many don’t offer the range of preset exam options. Others have comparatively limited power capacity. By contrast, Progeny Vantage® 2.1 utilises the latest technology to provide a full range of exam and diagnostic features. Manufactured in the US to exacting standards, Progeny Vantage® 2.1 is easy-to-use and delivers superb image quality.

The Progeny Vantage® 2.1 also comes with unrivalled support. Operators can access on board videos for ‘how to’ training on the different exams and laser positioning. Remote diagnostics make for quick and easy trouble shooting and, as an extra offer, the Progeny Vantage® 2.1 comes with 60 days access to VantageTrustSM at no cost, a remote support and training service that provides online image analysis and feedback on positioning the patient or tips for improving image capture.

A great system at a great price

On these features alone, Progeny Vantage® 2.1 represents great value. But even better, for a limited time we’re offering a promotional introductory price.

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