Dear Doctor,

Truth be told, Norlin-Dental have a bunch of great NB NOVA burs sitting on the shelves that few of our customers have discovered. They are all excellent diamond FG-burs for major dental restorations, crown & bridge and deep endodontic excavation and much more.

Now we have decided to give them away free as gifts! (sort of…) All you need to do is order & pre-pay any 2 packs of 100 NB NOVA burs and we will throw in another SURPRISE GIFT-PACK of 100 NB NOVA burs in your order free of charge! You get 300 burs for the price of 200 NB NOVA diamond FG-burs.

Please go to: and order 2×100 burs.

Please, some conditions:

  1. Free burs only with at least two packs of 100 NB NOVA burs Ordered & Pre-Paid.
  2. Order via or talk to our office manager Tracey at: 03 9853 0983
  3. Or download here and fax your order to: 03 9853 0484
  4. Only valid until end of Financial Year 2020, and whilst our diamond bur stocks last
  5. Sorry, no exchanges accepted with SURPRISE GIFT-PACK of NB NOVA 100 free burs!

COVID-19 and never-ending disturbing news has left us wondering how this year 2020 will be remembered. Whilst the “END OF FINANCIAL YEAR” is fast approaching, we can still hope the rest of this 2020 “Annus horribilis” will improve. Good luck to you and us all!

NB Nova burs

Our dental burs are made in compliance with ISO quality standards and listed with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration, TGA. Our NB NOVA FG Stainless Steel shafts are made to the highest precision in Switzerland and then each bur gets its “sharp end” covered with diamonds at the North Bel spa industries outside Milan, Italy. The NB NOVA burs are sent on to the parent company in the USA for final quality control and blister-packaging by SS WHITE in Lakewood New Jersey and finally dispatched to Norlin Dental for the benefit of Australian users.

NB NOVA “Single-Use” diamonds are designed to let the dental team afford and enjoy the advantage of a fresh and predictable bur-instrument for every patient. Your patient will appreciate the difference as well!

NB Nova Burs

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