As you receive this, Smiles Inc’s market value is down over 50% on their ASX listing price and NDC have delayed their stock market float until further notice.

So where, and who, do you turn to if you are considering the sale of your dental practice? What dreams can 2019 fill for you and how can you achieve them?

The change of ownership from family owner, to Corporate, is rapidly happening and the good news is that there are commercially attractive offers currently available, if you know where to look and who to speak to. Alternatively, you may be considering a private sale without the targets of maintainable profits for several years. Either way, we can help.

Dental Prac Sales is a licenced business broking company, specialising in the sale of dental practices of all sizes. We bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the dental industry.

We provide you:

  • Independent advice on what groups or individual buyers will suit your future needs and will also pay a competitive price for your practice, under the terms you want
  • Unbiased opinion on groups in acquiring mode and those consolidating their current stock
  • Expertise that will give you a better offer on the table through us than you can achieve yourself
  • Advice on the best course of action to take in order to maximise your return

“Time and time again, using the services of Dental Prac Sales, to sell a dental practice, results in a far better outcome than a Principal can achieve on their own.”

 Dental Prac Sales offers Dentists:

  • Expertise in the sale of dental practices
  • Complimentary assessment and appraisal on the value of your practice
  • Pre-sale practice improvement consultancy
  • Peace of mind and expert assistance, when managing the sale of your asset.

If you are looking at selling your practice now, soon, in the future, or want an assessment of your practice value, do not sign anything until you speak to us first. We sell to all the corporate groups in Australia as well as a large database of registered private buyers.

For a confidential discussion and to arrange a face to face meeting on how we can help you, contact Alex Barritt on 0401 975 316.

Email all enquiries to

Alex Barritt
Director / Sales Associate

PO Box 2345, Parramatta NSW 1750 Australia

T: 1800 118 991