The new Pure Newtron® clinical ultrasonic scaler with B.LED (Blue LED) technology from ACTEON enables users to identify and remove almost 20% more plaque. 

The new integrated clinical ultrasonic scaler incorporates B.LED technology with F.L.A.G. – a fluorescent dental plaque disclosing solution that guides the doctor in real-time. Dental plaque is clearly identified under fluorescence, helping doctors see better and treat faster.

Treatment with the B.LED ultrasonic scaler reduces the overuse of instruments thus preserving healthy tissues. Post-treatment F.L.A.G can be washed away with water from a triplex syringe, leaving no residual staining.

Using proven Newtron technology, Pure Newtron provides better tactile sense, no power loss and improved patient comfort. Powerful cavitation at the tip’s extremity induces deposit fragmentation with a disinfecting effect while removing plaque.

The automatic and continuous ultrasonic frequency adjustment allows continuous efficiency, whatever the load applied without harming teeth or soft tissues.

Power is regulated in real-time, according to the resistance encountered by the tip, for constant performance, with no force needed using ACTEON’s stainless steel tips.

Studies have shown B.LED technology with F.L.A.G. allows the doctor to remove 19.3%* more dental plaque in comparison to performing the same procedure without B.LED technology. The B.LED fluorescent technology also enables doctors to educate patients and encourage acceptance of treatment.

Pure Newtron provides a fast, less invasive treatment that is comfortable for both the patient and doctor. Available from A-dec, phone 1800 225 010 or visit

*T. Marrien, Clinical evaluation of assisted supraginigval scaling by plaque disclosing agent F.L.A.G TM for B.LED, Thesis March.