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The 3-Step Dental Website Checklist

Dental practices of all sorts survive from the mainstay of repeat clients, and the word-of-mouth referrals that come from those satisfied, ideally loyal, clients. However, to rely on repeat business and this ‘old school’ word-of-mouth is to miss opportunities to develop a thriving, busy practice, and to protect it from the vagaries of fluctuating demand. This article identifies three essential questions you should ask of your website that impacts its ability to provide convenience and customer service to existing and potential new patients for your dental practice.

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Research Finds Link Between Oral Cancer and Oral Microbiota

New peer-reviewed clinical research unpicks the relationship between oral bacterial imbalances and the development of oral cancers. It highlighting the importance of maintaining a balanced microbial health for helping to prevent oral cancers, and providing some insights into how these can be identified and treated by dental professionals in the future.

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Re-establishing a physiologic vertical dimension for overclosed patients

The term neuromuscular occlusion has become associated with certain limited methodologies that are used to obtain a muscle-compatible occlusal relationship. In reality, there are several different approaches that can be used to determine a “neuromuscular” maxillo-mandibular relationship, even with a fully edentulous case.

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