Send marketing material and samples cost effectively with DentalBox by TDR.

Printed material is still the most effective way to promote products and services to dentists. However, cost increases in postage rates over the last 5 years have made it increasingly expensive to do so. DentalBox by TDR is a shared marketing tool that dramatically reduces the costs of mailing brochures, samples and other marketing material to dentists across Australia. Multiple suppliers share the same delivery box and the delivery cost is spread over the suppliers.

Advantages of DentalBox

  • Costs are lowered due to the shared allocation of costs.
  • Send samples and other promotional material.
  • Personalised QR codes provide dentists a simple way to register for information.
  • 97% of advertising mail is opened compared to 100% of boxes. You automatically increase your penetration by 3%. Even small variances can improve your return on investment.
  • 87% of dentists surveyed preferred the convenience receiving one box of brochures and samples per month as opposed to receiving multiple deliveries.


A shared marketing box is a new idea for the dental market and we understand that there will be questions around it. Some common issues marketers have put forward include;

“I don’t want my brochure in the same box as competitors”

The Dental Box does not mail direct competitors in the same distribution to ensure that your message is not contradicted.

“I want my brochure in my own branded envelope”

A survey by The Dental Review found that 78% of dentists do not open their own mail at the practice. The receptionist is opening the mail and placing material together for the dentist to view at a later time.

“Mail and print is too expensive”

DentalBox is very cost competitive due to the group of suppliers sharing the costs. Our printing service is also very competitive and provides a complete service from design to print and distribution.

“Email is cheaper”

Email is a certainly cheaper way to send your message and there is a place for email campaigns. However, a printed brochure or sample is a very powerful, tangible long term medium to get your message across.

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