The Biggest Hurdle to a Successful Business

For many Dental Practices, often one of the biggest hurdles to a successful business is attracting and keeping the right people.

Until you have a reliable system to attract and keep great employees, you’ll always be working overtime to build a successful, profitable practice.

The good news is there is a proven scientific hiring system that consistently identifies the right people for any role.

From the research of three eminent Psychologists and using statistical analysis to determine the levels of underlying subconscious strengths driving attitude and behaviour.

A dental practice owner attended a conference where this system was promoted.

He approached the presenters and said “I am just about to hire a great P.A. who will help me run the business. I would like to see her underlying strengths and attitude to understand if she is as good as I think she is.”

His candidate scored 67/100 and was compared against an Ideal Role Model for the same position, who scored 80/100.

He was provided with a report that showed he would spend more time supporting her than she supported him.

His reaction was “She has a great resume, references are good, and my gut feel is that she was the best applicant.”

One month later, he admitted “You were 100% right, it has been a very stressful month and I have had to let her go. What do I have to do to find the right person?”

We often see businesses continuing to hire the wrong people, wasting tens of thousands of dollars on recruiting, training and onboarding people who would not have been employed in the practice if they had access to valuable insights before candidates were even interviewed.

Obviously, wrong hires are incredibly expensive in terms of time and cash flow.

(Not to mention the harm done to team moral and practice culture).

People are one of the biggest leverage points for a business.

In general, you have the same fixed expenses for an employee whether they produce 0.5 x, 2x, 5x or 10x the results of their peers.

That’s why it’s crucial to employ the right people and spend time investing in the right people – for every $1 you invest in someone you could get returns of $0.50, $2, $5 or even up to $10.

A “Team Strengths Audit” will show:

  • Productivity levels
  • Why Productivity is low
  • Optimism levels. Optimism is contagious – and so is pessimism
  • Your Ideal Role Model Champions to compare future candidates against
  • Which people to nurture and grow
  • Origin of people frustrations
  • How to select more champions in all roles into the business


The Dental Review has arranged for 3 Dental Practices to receive a complementary Team Strengths Audit for up to 3 team members (Value: $1190) and for remainder of dental practices applying to receive 50% price reduction for a “Team Strengths Audit” valid to 26 April 2019.

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