You recommend a dental crown and the patient gasps at the price – they just can’t afford it. What do you do?

For years, you and your colleagues have been stuck between a rock and a hard place when your patient cannot afford the recommended treatment.

Until now.

Finally, an alternative option is available – The One Visit Crown is a conservative dental crown that can be completed in only one appointment, without the need for expensive CAD/CAM systems.

The best part? The time and cost efficiencies of the One Visit Crown enable you to offer it to your patients at up to half the cost of a traditional laboratory crown, providing you with an effective tool to increase case acceptance rates.

Over 200 Australian dentists have already recognised the benefits of the One Visit Crown for their patients and are offering it in their practice.

Want to find out how you can join them?

Book a live online training session with an OVC3 product specialist. Ask your clinical questions and learn about the procedure, the clinical technique, longevity studies, and how to present it to your patients.

Book a live online training

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