Life can sometimes feel like a video game.

When you’re at the top of your game, the last thing you need is an unexpected obstacle coming from left field.

For over 18 years the ADA state branches New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania have partnered with Guild to make sure all the glitches are covered, leaving you to focus on the high score ahead.

Power up with Guild Insurance overseas volunteer and good Samaritan cover

Sometimes, you may feel restricted by your options when it comes to choosing an insurance policy that suits you. Which is why we make sure your policy covers all the moves you can make throughout your journey.

We offer increased territorial and jurisdiction limits for volunteer worldwide for up to 60 days (excl. Canada and US). Not only can you take a jump and volunteer overseas, but you can work with confidence knowing we’re right there with you as the ultimate player two.

On top of increased territorial and jurisdiction limits, your policy also includes good Samaritan counselling cover, to help in the aftermath of assisting in a traumatic event.

We make sure every single stop on your journey is thought out for your when it comes to the insurance policies we offer.

Ready player one?

There’s a reason that no other insurer comes more recommended to Australian dentist than Guild Insurance.

We invite you to join the adventure as player one, so you can benefit from the experience we’ve clocked for over 18 years. Level up with Guild Insurance today, and we’ll help you play on no matter what flies overhead.

Disclaimer. Insurance issued by Guild Insurance Limited ABN 55 004 538 863, AFS Licence No. 233791 and subject to terms, conditions and exclusions. Guild Insurance supports the ADA NSW through the payment of referral fees. The ADA NSW, ADASA, ADAVB and ADATAS are authorised representatives of Guild Insurance. Please refer to the policy wording and policy schedule for details. For more information call 1800 810 213.

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