As dentists search for ways to transform their dental practice, they’ve invested their valuable time and attention in short term orthodontic training. Many have done this with a view to giving patients what they want (a straighter smile they love) and generating more profits in practice.

But are you aware of this startling fact?

Many dentists who’ve completed orthodontic training don’t use it in practice

Unfortunately, many dentists hit roadblocks even after they’ve completed their orthodontic training.

Why is that?

Having worked with hundreds of dentists, we know they feel challenged by:

  • Knowing which cases to treat
  • Not having enough support to treat cases properly
  • A lack of knowledge and what to do if problems arise
  • What their professional orthodontic and dental peers will think of them
  • Marketing to new and existing patients
  • Implementing orthodontics into their existing practice structure to be efficient and profitable
  • Understanding the administration process for their team and patients

All these factors – and many more – can prevent a dentist from realizing the full potential of delivering orthodontic training through their dental practice. This results in wasted time, money, and effort. It can even lead to poor patient outcomes.

There are Just 8 Simple Steps to Orthodontic Training

I’m here to tell you, practising orthodontics as a dentist doesn’t need to be this hard. In fact, it can – and should be – a professionally and financially rewarding experience, providing you do the right training and receive the right mentoring and support.

Welcome to The OrthoED Institute Mini Masters Orthodontics Education Program for Dentists.

Hi, I’m Dr Geoff Hall, co-founder of The OrthoED Institute and creator of the comprehensive two year Mini Masters Orthodontics Education Program for Dentists. I can tell you quite unequivocally, that every dentist committed to doing the work, can develop a thriving dental practice built around orthodontics. They only need follow these 8 simple steps.

Here’s what dentists like you say about The OrthoED Institute Mini Masters

What a fantastic course – I look forward to every module. I learn so much on the weekly Q and A session too. I cannot get enough learning and cannot thank The OrthoED Institute for making orthodontics so enjoyable, predictable and profitable for me. Whenever I have a question it is always answered promptly, and I feel now so confident that I have a fantastic and knowledgeable mentor behind me. I cannot thank Geoff and Robyn enough.
Dr JJ, Sydney

Use a Clinical Model for Orthodontics in Dental Practice that Works

These steps are the dentist’s roadmap to clinical delivery model for orthodontics in dental practice. The good news is: it works. They have been carefully formulated and are based on our deep understanding of what dentists need to succeed in the delivery of orthodontics. It’s based on the principles of proven expertise, predictable outcomes, and professional advancement.

Don’t reinvent the wheel when it comes to orthodontics in dental practice. Join a community of like-minded professionals at The OrthoED Institute who are advancing their professional skills, dental practice, and patients’ health.

The team at The OrthoED Institute is comitted to fulfilling their vision of mentoring dentists to excel through orthodontic training.

We’d love you to join us in 2019 and work together to transform your dental practice and professional life with our Mini Masters Education Program.

To your success,
Dr Geoff Hall + Robyn Wood
1300 073 427

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