Team Strengths Audit – Unlock the secrets to a successful business

Understanding if future staff will have the right attitude and can multi task is the key to employing the right people. The right people are the key to a successful business.

You can have the same fixed expenses for an employee whether they produce 0.5 x, 2x, 5x or 10x the results of their peers.

Employ and spend time investing in the right people and for every $1 you invest, you could get returns of $0.50, $2, $5 or even up to $10.

Research from three eminent Psychologists, including Dr. Martin Seligman, and using statistical analysis establishes underlying signature strengths driving successful behaviour.

By comparing scores of candidates with staff already successful in the role, you don’t waste time interviewing those who don’t have this ability.

You will determine if candidates will be assets or hidden liabilities.

A “Team Strengths Audit” on your current team will allow you to understand individual:

A “Team Strengths Audit” on your current team will allow you to understand individual:

  • Productivity levels
  • Optimism levels. Optimism is contagious – and so is pessimism
  • Ideal Role Model Champions to compare future candidates against
  • Which people to nurture and grow
  • Who may need extra help to be more productive
  • Origin of people frustrations
  • What your business must do to bring more champions in all roles into the business


The Dental Review has arranged for 3 Dental Practices to receive a complementary Team Strengths Audit for up to 3 team members (value: $1190) and for remainder of dental practices applying to receive 50% price reduction for a “Team Strengths Audit” valid to 26 April 2019.

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