Build confidence, discover tips and tricks to finish patient treatment and refine your practice management to get the best out of any previous Short Term Orthodontic (STO) course Education.

The Orthoed Institute is now offering Trouble Shooting for STO. Dr Hall has sat down and analyzed the major issues and concerns for General Dentists and is ready to present a new one day course to give you the confidence in treating patients with STO, successfully finishing cases, avoid litigation and improving your STO marketing and conversion.

The issue for many dentists is that many 1 to 2 day STO courses have an enormous amount of information that needs to be digested, and when it comes to treating actual patients, there are certain techniques that are not always passed on. Treating patients on time and effectively requires basic understanding of STO and orthodontics in general. This course will provide you the confidence and assurance to treat your patients easily, effectively and profitably. There will be numerous tricks, tips and techniques presented .The only requirement is that Dentist will have completed an STO course in the past.

At a clinical Level, we look at and discuss:

  • Treatment planning with confidence
  • Recognizing easy and hard cases
  • Bond failures and easy bracket positioning
  • When to change arch-wires
  • Improve your conversion rate
  • Successful implementation and marketing of STO in your practice
  • And much more!

What can you expect at the end of the course? You will fully understand STO and how you can make it successful in your practice—if you want, there is a simple process to become an accredited Smilefast Dentist, with access to our portal to log patient cases, full case support from the Smilefast team, and an increased confidence to treat patients with STO.

Hygienists/Therapists and assistants are welcome to attend as it is the perfect opportunity to train your team in Orthodontics.

At only $300 + GST, this is the best value course in Australia for 2018!

If you are interested in learning more about The Orthoed Institute, visit our website, call us on 1300 073 427 or email at

PO Box 2345, Parramatta NSW 1750 Australia

T: 1800 118 991