If you knew there was a bag with $50,000 buried in your backyard, would you dig it up?

Of course you would.

And yet as a dental practice, you’re probably letting tens of thousands of dollars slip through your fingers annually, simply because you don’t have an easier, less painful way for your clients to pay.

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Think about it: when your client doesn’t have funds available, what usually happens?

That’s right… they walk away unsatisfied. They lose, and you lose. It’s like dropping the ball 5-metres before the try line. You’ve done all the hard work, but see nothing for it.

Sure, some use a payment plan or credit cards – but there’s usually hoops to jump through, and your patients can end up paying anywhere from $3,609 to $54,634 in interest to finance just $20,000.00.

And that’s if they tick all the boxes and get approved!

So they hesitate, and many do nothing. Or worse still, they seek an alternative dentist.

But what if there were no restrictions to funding?
What if it wasn’t tested under financial capacity?
What if your client could say ‘yes’ right away, and pay zero interest?
What if unlike payment plans where you get paid in stages, you got paid upfront?

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Do you think you’d get more treatments across the line?

Truth is, there are dozens of dental practices all over Australia getting an unfair advantage by using this service – and some are using it to finance up to 5 new treatments a month.

At an average of say, $25,000.00 a treatment, this could mean an extra $125,000.00 to your practice.

And the best part: there’s no administration, no cost to your clinic, and you get paid upfront.

Watch this video now to see what all the fuss is about

Zain Merhebe

P.S. When you see the chart demonstrating how this approach compares to other financial options, it will make your jaw drop – and you’ll see why the savings make it a ‘no brainer’ for your patients to give you the green light right away. See exactly how it works by clicking here.

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