The MTB Philosophy is coming to Australia and The OrthoEd Institute will be hosting the first ever clinical training for general dentists in May, Thursday the 24th until Saturday the 26th, at the Novotel, St Kilda, Victoria.

Since 2016, Dr Geoffrey Hall founder of Smilefast and also the head lecturer at The OrthoED Institute, has taken a keen interest in MTB, researching, learning and traveling to Brazil to learn from the founders of the MTB Philosophy, Dr Alan Rodriguez, Dr Edison Willrich Sales and Dr Fernando Ruiz Gregorio.

The case at the end of treatment have been remarkable. The ability to treat children, adults and adolescents, allow a general dentist to treat their own patients with comprehensive orthodontics. Another major success of treating patients with the MTB Philosophy is that treatment is without extraction, simplifying the approach to every case.

Case acceptance is high with the MTB philosophy, and there are two important hardware elements to the increased case acceptance, the SlimClear self-ligating bracket and the BioPEEK arch-wire.

The SlimClear bracket, developed by Dr Rodriguez, is one of the few clear self-ligating brackets available, promoting ease of use by the practitioner and an aesthetic appearance for the patient. The BioPEEK arch-wire releases a very low force, it’s metal free and because of its specific memory shape characteristics which does not discolour or chip, there is no need to change the wire during treatment. Comprehensive treatment, in many cases, can be completed usually with only 1 wire and within 12 months.

The MTB Philosophy will change orthodontic treatment for the general dentist. The clinical objectives and principles allow you to treat a wide range of patients comprehensively, treatment times of 12 months or less, and the SlimClear bracket and BioPEEK arch-wire is an aesthetic option that everyone prefers.

Be in the first group of Dentists in Australia to provide the “MTB” system to your patients. It has everything your patient wants!

Places for this course are limited, click the image to learn more and register for this once only course in 2018.

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