Our lecture series is to educate General dentists, about two key factors in treating orthodontics within your practice, Orthodontics and its benefits for restorative dentistry and The keys to successful implementation of orthodontics in to your practice.

Orthodontics is an integral part of interdisciplinary treatment planning and not only can it improve a patient’s dental alignment, and occlusion but far far more.

This lecture will discuss diagnosis and treatment orthodontically of periodontal issues including asymmetric gingival margins, correction of periodontal issues including bony vertical defects ,posterior bite collapse, and indications and contra-indications for forced extrusion. In addition, we will discuss orthodontic bone regeneration for implants both in the vertical dimension and sagittal dimension and different tooth positions and occlusions for different restorative situations.

Our second lecture, The keys to orthodontics in your practice, will discuss the requirements to be clinically successful and be able to incorporate orthodontics efficiently, predictably and profitably into a general practice.

The OrthoED institute provides a level of orthodontic education for all dentists, whether it’s The OrthoED Institute comprehensive 2 year course, or the cosmetic orthodontic solution, Smilefast (2 days, including a hands on component), we provide options to cater for the modern general practice.

Your choice of education you undertake will reflect in the number of cases you want to treat. Smilefast offers a perfect solution to get you started in orthodontics, the support of the Smilefast team, with case selection, treatment planning and starting treatment. The Smilefast Pro course allows you to start treating patient’s the week after you complete the course.

The OrthoEDInstitute Mini Masters course provides a comprehensive and holistic service for your patients ensures they’re a patient for life. Being confident in orthodontic cases will allow you to finish, detail and efficiently treat simple and moderate malocclusion’s, and learn the skill set for more complex cases if you choose too.

The OrthoED Institute Roadshow, should be your first step in 2018 to progressing your orthodontic education.

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