We deliver your brochures to over 20,000 dentists at 9,800 dental practices.

‘DentalMailer + Email’ is a unique dental industry offering which distributes your printed brochures via direct mail as well as sending targeted emails to the same database across two campaigns.

We only accept six non-competing supplier brochures in DentalMailer. These are delivered to over 20,000 dentists and allied professionals at over 9,800 practices every month.

Our promotional price of $6,500 plus GST gets you all this marketing power to grow your sales and brand awareness.

This is our process:

  1. One week prior to delivery of DentalMailer the dentist receives an email showcasing the six advertisers. This email is designed to prime them for the delivery of your brochure and to introduce them to the product or service you are promoting.
  2. Your brochure is delivered to the dentist.
  3. One week after the delivery of Dental Mailer the dentist receives an email showcasing the six non-competing advertisers. This email is designed to remind them of the importance of contacting you to discuss the product or service you are promoting.

Printed material is still the most effective way to promote products and services. It is your silent salesforce. Large letter (C4) mailings offer more impact and convey more information via a tangible medium. Compare this to an email which conveys less information and can easily be deleted.

Emails sent in isolation are not as effective as when combined with traditional postal mail delivery. Both mediums have advantages and constraints. By linking them together you can get the best of both worlds.

However, increases in postage costs have made it increasingly expensive to use mail. Our DentalMailer Email and Printed Direct Mail Package solves this problem by using a shared envelope to reduce costs dramatically while providing the benefits of two media for the one low price.

For details and pricing please call Sam on 0425 226 239 or Toby on 0402 138 420 or email our marketing department marketing@thedentalreview.com.au.

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