Historically, hygiene was seen as a ‘break-even’ area, taking cleans off the dentist. Consequently, the hygiene department gets stuck in a ‘recall trap’, where the average daily production stagnates (or even reduces). Complacency also sets in (including complacency of the patient) and the dentists’ patient flow slows down. 

Increasing hygiene profitability is achieved through increasing the average daily production, and this simply won’t happen with recalls alone.

The notion that all that hygienists do is ‘take cleans off dentists’ couldn’t be further from the truth. In today’s era, practices that have the right systems in place within their hygiene departments are not only highly profitable, but also find there is a higher uptake of major restorative and aesthetic cases flowing into the books of the dentist — and all with the added benefit of creating the optimal patient experience and care.

So how do you get your hygiene department to be even more profitable, expanding its scope, increasing patient retention and also the uptake of optimal care? (And, we are not just talking about including therapy and whitening as the only way to make your hygiene department even more profitable.)

Six ways to make your hygiene department even more profitable.

Exclusive live training event

The Hygiene Productivity Intensive — 24–25 February 2017, Melbourne

At this one-of-a-kind Hygiene Seminar, Peak Hygiene Performance will be sharing advanced hygiene success strategies and systems to show dentists exactly how to increase hygiene profits and improve service delivery. Peak Hygiene Performance will walk you through the complete systems and communications.

Learn how to:

  • Reduce your downtime, cancellations and FTA’s
  • Realise the true potential and scope
  • Increase the production of hygiene
  • Implement an active periodontal program
  • Know exactly what to track
  • Determine the role of the hygiene department in today’s era of dentistry
  • Avoid the “recall trap”
  • Keep your patients retained within your practice
  • Know when to add an assistant dentist, more hygienists or both?
  • Have patients be better educated, seek out optimal care without you or your hygienist having to push, sell, plead or convince.

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Learn how to calculate downtime cost. Determine the potential and production within a periodontal program and so much more. Download the 5 steps to productivity success.

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