Patients are presenting with tooth wear and erosion more frequently and much progress has been made within the area in the past decade with approaches to assessment, management, restoration and rehabilitation having changed substantially.

The assessment of toothwear relies on clinical knowledge and is the key to implementing effective preventive and management strategies. Patients presenting with moderate and advanced toothwear often require complex restorative intervention. Restorative interventions can achieve good longevity provided the underlying erosion and toothwear processes as well as any deficiencies in saliva protection have been addressed.

The Worn Dentition Symposium

Professor Ian Meyers, Prosthodontist Dr Robert Junner and Dr Farid Khan combine to present the upcoming two day symposium, The Worn Dentition, on the Gold Coast 23-24 September 2016 at Mantra Legends in Surfers Paradise. The symposium carries 15 Hours CPD and considers the latest views on prevention, management, concepts of occlusion, restoration and rehabilitation for patients presenting with erosion, attrition and abrasion.

Cases of moderate and severe toothwear that are increasingly encountered in day-to-day clinical practice and cases with varying levels of loss of vertical dimension will be considered along with appropriate diagnostic, preventive, management and direct and indirect conservative restorative approaches.

Further details are available in the event information and registration brochure or alternatively by contacting the Queensland Dental Group on +61 7 3839 8000.

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To register for the event, download our registration form and email or fax it to Queensland Dental Group. To learn more about the event, contact the Queensland Dental Group on +61 7 3839 8000.

15 CPD points