(this event has already taken place)Let’s face it…. For the average dentist out there the ELEPHANT that is always IN THE ROOM is money.

Nobody likes talking about it…

You don’t want to feel SALESY….

 You just want your patients to get the treatment done….

Ask yourself this question:
Have you ever UNDER-PRESENTED a treatment plan because you thought the patient might not be able to afford it?

 Only for the treatment that you should have done, but didn’t do, to come back and bite you a few months or a couple of years later?

Wouldn’t you like to know how you can be just like ALL the best dentists in town who Ethically Use Third Party Finance Programmes to SKYROCKET their Patient Case Acceptances?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could JUST get your patients to say “YES” to all that dentistry they really do need, without you looking desperate or pushy?

There is a way…..
NEW RESEARCH from the USA is showing that more and more patients are opting for the choice of finance options over upfront payments, each and EVERY DAY!!

And if your dental practice isn’t meeting their demands, those patients are simply getting up and walking out of your dental practice NEVER TO RETURN!!!

They’re not going home to THINK ABOUT IT…. they’re going home to get on the phone and find an ETHICAL dentist who allows them to pay off their dentistry….

And if you don’t change the WAY YOU THINK about offering patient finance IMMEDIATELY!!  your practice is going to be left behind….

NOW, FOR THE FIRST TIME, on Saturday November 21 2020, in this exclusive online workshop (this event has already taken place), you can find out how easy it is to ETHICALLY use and promote third-party finance programmes in your dental practice to SKYROCKET your treatment plan and case acceptance through the roof in 2021.

Photo of Jayne Bandy, presenter of webinar

Jayne Bandy, presenter of webinar

In this workshop you will learn:

  • The THREE THINGS you need to know to have your patients seamlessly moving forward and accepting the necessary dentistry that you see for them… and
  • The FOUR THINGS YOU MUST NEVER DO that make most inexperienced dentists look like SLEAZY used car salesmen…
  • And much more…

It’s easy. Remember this:

Having just TWO PATIENTS every day choosing to finance just $2,500 of dentistry instead of “thinking about it” will add an extra $1.3M each year to your dental practice collections.